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I learned a lot in this course. I’ve been dreading taking this class because I don’t really care all that much about environmental issues but coming in and being exposed to all the different readings and going out on trips to ECHO, CREW, downtown Fort Myers, and so on put a different perspective on it.

51849-4884ECHO in Fort Myers

Before this course I never really considered my impact on the world. I didn’t actively harm it but I didn’t go out of my way to preserve it either. By getting me out into the local community on the field trips and service learning hours I’m starting to come around to the idea that one person taking small steps in their own life can make an important difference.

I thought the readings were the weakest part of the course. Most of them were extremely sensationalistic which compromised their message. Surely there are books and passages about the importance of taking care of the environment that don’t rely on convincing people the world is going to end if we put a plastic bottle in a trash can. Going through all the different readings was a good thing as it exposes us to different environmental thinkers but I think picking better excerpts could help. The vast majority felt like they were preaching to the choir rather than trying to attract new converts.


I don’t mind having this be a required course. If it was optional I seriously doubt I’d take it and I’m sure the vast majority of students are the same way regardless of how they feel about environmental issues. However, by being forced to take it we all carry the knowledge we gained from the course as we move forward in life. Some of us will be going into business, some education, some government, some will be staying in the area, and some will be moving across the country or perhaps the world but wherever we are we can make a small difference through something we learned in Colloquium.

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